A strong air flow cools the skin area. At the same time, slight discomfort creates a slight burning sensation. The most gentle patients endure it without strain.

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High speed of Prednisone pills. It takes several minutes to process one area. The client does not even have time to mentally tune in to the procedure, as it is already over. The highest efficiency is achieved with the use of special modern laser systems.
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Laser therapy is the most common and relevant option in our time, and all because the procedure is painless, since lasers have a cold skin protection system, which means that anesthesia is not needed. Suitable for both adults and children. The laser, heating the hemangioma, causes the vessels to stick together, the formation resolves, without marks on the skin. The procedure does not take place in one stage, usually in 4-6 weeks. This method is very convenient due to the possibility of removing large hemangioma. Any place is accessible to the laser, for example, the eyelids.

This method is most applicable to the treatment of defects associated with blood vessels. As a rule, one procedure is sufficient for the treatment of a small area.
The accuracy and selectivity of the laser action avoids damage to the skin surface. This eliminates the appearance of burns or scars. In the process of treatment, the plan is adjusted in connection with the results achieved.
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The procedure is absolutely painless.
It has been proven that if hemangioma is treated in children under 5 months old, then in 80% of prednisone pills it can completely disappear without surgery.

Now they are organizing centers that deal with this. This is real progress in medicine. The treatment system is the same, only the blocking of blood vessels is performed by the drug.

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And the tumor subsides, it ceases to be saturated with blood, and the vessels simply disappear. This method is not so convenient, because there are consequences, such as swelling.

Freezing of prednisone using cryodestruction.

Liquid nitrogen is applied. In the process, due to the low temperature, the hemangioma cells die off, but a small bubble remains that cannot be pierced, it will heal on its own. In some cases, ointment is used for the fastest effect. The disadvantage of this treatment is in the speck that will remain. At first it will be pink, and then almost invisible.

It is carried out with the help of the drug "Prednisolone". It is used in rare cases when the location of the hemangioma in a child affects the vital organs: respiration, vision. This treatment option is designed for auxiliary use. Surgical intervention.

A very ancient method of treatment, since radiation doses seriously affect not only hemangiomas, but also the functions of the human body as a whole. However, there are places where hemangiomas are located, where other methods cannot be dispensed with. For example, eye socket.

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